What is Fascia Stretching Therapy?

FST uses gentle traction to stretch the joint capsule granting you access to range of motion you may not have felt in some time.

FST is a gain without pain technique. When the body is in pain it puts up barriers towards progress. Less is more! You should be feeling relaxed at all times during the session, never being in any pain.

FST is a technique that is in constant motion. The use of traction, circumduction, and oscillation are utilized while combined with varied tempos to help you obtain your mobility goals.

So what is fascia exactly….
Fascia is a beautiful spider web of clear connective tissue that is everywhere inside all of us. It is full of information, a veritable network and map of our bodies traumas and capabilities. If it becomes obstructed or cut off we feel pain, tightness or discomfort. Everything is connected – lets set it free with FST!

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